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When Is It Time To Replace Your Fence?

A high-quality wooden fence that is well cared for can last a long time. As with all things, your fence will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. But you do not have to wait for your wood to start rotting or your posts to start sagging before you begin thinking about repairing or replacing it. How will you know when its time? What are the signs to look for?

When repairs/replacements of the fence are at least 20-25%!

This is the general rule of thumb; if you need to fix more than 20-25% of your fence, your best bet is to replace the whole thing. The main factor that determines this, is that it makes more financial sense to replace the whole fence than to repair.

Rotting throughout the fence

One rotten board does not mean the whole fence needs replacing, but if there is generalized rotting throughout your fence, it may be time to replace it. With wood fences, you will typically notice rot in the areas where the fence is closest to the ground.

The leaning fence

There are several factors that can cause your fence to being to lean such as wind, rain and shifting ground. This is because the general structure of your fence is losing strength, which is normal with an aging fence. Slight leaning in only one section can often be repaired by replacing or adjusting just a fence posts or panels. However, generalized leaning across the fence is usually a sign of irreparable damage and is more costly to repair than to replace.

Split or Missing Boards

A few split boards can be replaced, just like a post. But, going back to the 20-25% rule if there is a lot of split and missing boards it means it time to replace your fence. Even the best wood begins to crack and split after years under the warm Okanagan sun and the freezing and thawing cycle.

Replacing a fence is an investment in your property’s aesthetic appeal and your security and privacy. As a property owner, its best to plan to replace your wooden fence every 10 years or so. Whether you require maintenance services or repairs, you can count on Titan Fence Co. for professional services at affordable rates. Call to discuss your fencing needs today.

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