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To hire a fence contractor - or DIY?

The beautiful Okanagan sun is coming out and many of us have found ample time on our hands during the COVID-19 quarantine. Putting up a fence may seem like an easy DIY project and many homeowners do elect to take the project on themselves. Quality fence installation, however, is about more than digging holes, slamming in posts, and attaching a wire mesh. Local climate considerations such as wind tendencies, snowfall, and soil conditions will affect not only how deep your posts need to be planted, but also the material you choose. While some homeowners may be up to the challenges of both putting up the fence and researching how all these factors will fit together during and after the initial installation, experienced fencing contractors will do the job faster and more effectively than most homeowners ever could. When you consider all the DIY fencing projects that end up requiring professional assistance not just to finish the job, but to backtrack and fix mistakes made before they arrived, the choice to hire a fence contractor is actually a money saver in many scenarios!

To give you an idea of how much work and preparation goes into quality fencing projects, we have created a list outlining 5 advantages of hiring a professional fencing contractor.


It may look easy - but underneath the surface may lay a different story

Fencing may not carry the life or death stakes of electrical work or gas fitting, but there is it’s own set of challenges. Just like electrical work, these challenges are rarely visible to the untrained eye. For example, consider what you see when you look at the perimeter of your yard - flat ground, some grass, maybe a handful of trees. Maybe some slightly challenging terrain or even rock - nothing you can’t overcome, right?. However, what is lurking under the surface?

The trouble is, by the time you find out what is lurking below - it could be too late - especially if you find water pipes or drains. There is no worse sound than hearing the crack of PVC. When this happens, you will have to call in the pros and it will be quite costly. Titan Fence Co. have the right tools and experience to avoid these costly mishaps.

Experience counts for everything

Every project involves a high degree of problem solving. Even with the best, most meticulous planning, unforeseen issues will almost always arise. If you are attempting to build your fence yourself to save money, a lack of experience could end up costing you more in the end. If you generate a budget based on the tools and materials you can see yourself using, there is a high chance that any unforeseen obstacle will require extra spending on extra tools and materials. Before you know it, you could be spending well in excess of what it would have cost you to get a professional fencing contractor. The worst part: you will end up with a bunch of tools that you don’t even need. Titan Fence Co. has the experience behind them that your project will be covered in any circumstances. You get to harness the benefits of our experience - no uncertainty to pricing or timeframes.

With a Professional Fencing Contractor - Like Titan Fence Co. - You can guarantee a great outcome.

What is it that drives most DIY projects? Generally, there are two things: enjoyment and savings. Some people are attracted to the feeling of accomplishment that comes with successfully completing a DIY project. It is a great feeling - but it depends on one thing: successfully completing the project! If you spend the whole project trying to fix problems, overcome obstacles or work out which tools you need, the enjoyment factor will probably wear off pretty quickly. Then you have the uncertainty – that constant question in the back of your mind – am I on the right track? The answer to that question will only reveal itself at the very end, which can add to the stress. Play it safe and hire a professional fencing contractor - that way, you know right from the beginning that your fence will be great.

Fencing is hard work - just ask a Professional Fencing Contractor - Like Titan Fence Co.

If you are thinking about taking on a fencing project for fun, you may be disappointed. Fencing is hard work and it involves a lot of strenuous manual labour. The hard work begins even before the labour itself does. If you undertake a fencing project, you can expect to spend a long time planning and preparing. Mapping out boundaries, working out what materials you need, how much they cost, and where to get them—these are just a few of the many jobs you will have to do before a single post hits the ground!

A Professional Fencing Contractor - Like Titan Fence Co. know their materials & tools

You might have read these points and still think that DIY fencing is the better choice for you. If so, all the power to you. But there is one more thing we think you should know. Fencing is for the long-term, so you need to get it right the first time. A big part of that is knowing what materials and tools are right for the job. Your choice of materials is particularly important in this regard. If you want a timber fence, think about the climate. What types of timber will last, and what types will rot? Are there termites in your area? These are the types of questions that simply have to be asked for every fencing job - there are a lot of them! To avoid any confusion or stress, hire a professional fencing contractor—the benefits will be all yours to enjoy.

For all your fencing needs call at Titan Fence Co. today 250-808-6991

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