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To Cap Fence Posts OR Not to Cap Fence Posts... That Is The Question

A fence is a valuable addition to your home and property. As such, you should do everything possible to protect it. One of the most vulnerable parts of a fence is the posts. After years of weathering, the posts -especially the tops – are often split, rotten or worse. That is where fence post caps come in to play.


Fence post caps are covers that fit over the top of the posts. They come in a wide range of different colors for you to choose from depending on your needs, with the most popular color being black.

Post caps also come in several material choices such as pressure treated wood, metal, vinyl, and ASA resin. Wood used to be one of the most popular ones, but like the posts themselves they are also susceptible to the elements.


The end grain of the post is the most vulnerable part of a post because, this is where it is most likely to be exposed to moisture and the elements. Not only will the exposed area absorb more moisture than any other part of the post, but this will also quickly lead into issues like moss growth, mold, and mildew, eventually turning to rot. Equally complicating things is the fact that fence posts tops are more exposed to the sun and the wind, which causes the wood to dry out and crack.

Therefore, fence post caps are essential because they act as a barrier to protect your posts (and thus, the integrity of the fence itself). Adding a fence post cap can also add a visual and aesthetic effect to your fence.

For more information about choosing the right post cap for your project give Titan Fence Co., a call at 250-808-6991.

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