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Pool Installation in the Okanagan

Having a swimming pool is something so many people dream to have. We want to help you choose the best way to protect it and your family by highlighting some of the most common pool fences that will help you maintain safety, which is the most important concern. Pool fencing also plays a major role in the aesthetic appeal of a pool area. You should consider it as both a safety and decorating part of pool-landscaping and construction. Depending on the type of the pool and the surroundings, there are several different types of pool fencing to consider. It is the safest thing you can do for your family and your neighbors. It can really bring some peace of mind, knowing that you can reduce the chances of accidents drastically. You can have a swimming pool fence made of wood, metal, or vinyl, and there are countless, custom design options.

Wood Pool Fencing

Everyone dreams of having a white picket fence, right? Well, it’s no wonder that wood privacy fencing is a popular material for many property owners, and there are lots of options when choosing this type of fence. It’s best to have an idea of what your priorities are before making a choice. Privacy fences are common for properties with pools or homes that have lots of little children or pets that tend to wander into the pool area if given the chance. Top caps and trim can also be added for a more polished look. Wooden fences are durable and will enhance your home’s overall natural or rustic curb appeal.

Ornamental Pool Fencing

For homes with a more historic architectural style, you may consider going with ornamental fencing. Ornamental is extremely sturdy and offer a timeless appearance. This type of fence’s heavy construction makes it best type of backyard fence for homeowners looking for long-lasting elegance. Also, they go great with matching gates, step handrails, and other exterior details.

Vinyl Pool Fencing

Homeowners with pools may consider a vinyl fence if they can’t handle the upkeep of wood. Vinyl fencing material is durable and fade and water resistant. This type of fencing can provide privacy for your pool area. It is also a great safety feature for homes with small children. This type of fencing is easy to clean and makes it a great addition to any home’s outdoor area. Think of this type of fence as providing the look of wood without little to no maintenance.

Chain Link Pool Fencing

The upside of this fence type is that it’s durable and constructed out of galvanized steel. A tall chain link fence will also deter intruders, as well as keep both kids and pets safe. This option is one of the lowest-cost fences on the market; however, chain link fences lack privacy, and it’s generally not as aesthetically pleasing as other types. Of course, you could dress it up with vines, shrubbery and other plant life to create more privacy and add a little panache. Remember that added cost could negate a lower fence cost.

Concrete Pool Fencing

Not only is concrete long-lasting and durable,

it also involves almost no maintenance for you (that's a pretty big plus!). It may be more expensive upon installation, but without having to buy stain or upkeep products that are involved with other materials, it can be cheaper in the long run.

When it comes to choosing the ideal fence for your home or business, there is no better place to go than Titan Fence Co., serving Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, Pentiction and the entire Interior BC. Our professional staff will provide you with a free estimate for any fencing project. Contact us today at 250-808-6991 for more information.

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