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Installing a Fence On a Slope

Here in the Okanagan we have beautiful scenery with backyard views of the mountains and Okanagan Valley. This usually means backyards are on uneven sloping terrains. Don’t worry though we have you covered. There are two commonly used methods for installing a fence on a slope, racking (also called raking), or stepping.

Racked Fences

Racking is the most popular way to adjust to slopes in a yard. Racked fences follow the contours of the ground. Leaving no gaps between the bottom of the rail and the ground. This method gives your fence a more uniform, smooth appearance. With racked fences, its important to keep in mind that any slope over 15 degrees will generally be too severe to install.

Racked fences are great options for those with gently sloped yards. They are also the better option for families with dogs, as they are typically built without any spaces between the rail and ground.

Stepped Fences

Building a stepped fence is the alternative to racking. If your yard has steeper grades, stepping your fence might be the best option for you! The panels of a stepped fence do not follow the shape of the land, and they leave a triangular gap between the bottom rail and ground.

Because stepping a fence will leave gaps, this might not be the best option for someone with small children or pet. However, depending on the severity, this can be remedied by filling the gaps with soil, landscaping or other various options.

Titan Fence Co. we will help you find the best solution for your yard. Give us a call today 250-808-6991

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