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How to choose the right fence

With so many fencing options available to you, how do you choose? Whether you need more privacy; need shielding from that chilly wind, to secure your pool; or simply keep your dogs in (or those pesky deer out), we have got you covered.

What is your main concern?

· Privacy and Security

· Wind break / Shield

· Feel secure

· Keep your pets in

· Keep the deer out

· Secure your pool


If privacy is the main goal of your fence, you will want to choose a fence with little to no space between the boards. Privacy fencing ideas range from standard wooden fences, with no gaps in between the boards; typically, a horizontal design works best, all the way to concrete panel fencing. There are many designs and materials that can provide excellent privacy for your home.

Wind break

When you need to block strong breezes but do not want to lose the natural light, or your spectacular Okanagan view, the best option is glass. If blocking a view is not an issue, any privacy fence with few to no gaps between the boards will also work well for you. One of the best options for a wind break is a concrete fence.

Keeping your pet in

Any fence will work to keep your beloved pets in, but the design you choose will depend on your pet. Is your dog a jumper, do they love to dig? A 3-4-foot fence could be adequate for small dogs and dogs who do not jump; larger dogs will need something taller. If your dogs are diggers, bury the fence at least 6 inches underground or place hardscaping along the fence line.

Keeping the deer out

Some deer can jump nearly 8 feet high, making it quite difficult to keep them out using normal fencing. A solid privacy fence is ideal because it blocks the deer’s view of your delicious plants; its not likely a deer will jump into an area they cannot be sure is safe. If privacy fencing is not desirable, you can make a regular fence taller but attaching netting to taller poles, in affect making a taller but nearly invisible fence.

Pool Fencing

It is very important to take steps to secure your pool, it helps protect you and your family. When choosing pool fencing you should consider it as both a safety and decorating part of the pool landscaping and construction. There are several different types of pool fencing to consider.

When it comes to choosing the ideal fence for your home or business, there is no better place to go than Titan Fence Co., serving Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and the entire BC Interior. Our professional staff will provide you with a free estimate for any fencing projects. Contact us today at 250-808-6991 for more information.

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