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Does your Okanagan Backyard need a Privacy Fence?

When should you consider privacy fence installation? With so many fencing options available to you, why should you invest in a privacy fence? If you’re considering installing a new privacy fence, you need to consider these four questions before choosing your fencing solution.

  • Do you live in a busy area? If there is heavy vehicle or foot traffic on your road, a privacy fence will stop people from looking into your home. Regardless of whether you live in an area with a high or low crime rate, a privacy fence can keep the rest of the world separate from your property for peace of mind … or even just peace.

  • Do you have small children or pets? With privacy fencing, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are playing and enjoying the outdoors in safety. Your toddlers and pooches will be safer for having a barrier keeping them from the street.

  • Are you often visited by unwanted guests? A privacy fence installation can prevent those noisome interruptions to your day. If you work from home or find yourself often bothered by solicitors, consider privacy fence installation.

  • Are you often away from home? Privacy fence installation can work with your home security system to help ensure your property is protected when you can’t be there. If thieves can’t see in, then they don’t know that you’re away. If you’re often away from home for business or leisure, then privacy fencing might be right for you.

Pro Tip: Research Local Ordinances Regarding Height 

When you've decided on a fence material, make sure that you inquire as to local ordinances regarding height. If you build your fence too high, then your neighbor might take legal action and have you remove it.  In some provinces, for example, neighbors can sue you and claim you have built a "spite fence."

For this reason, it's important to choose a local fencing expert like Titan Fence Co. who will not only know how to install your fence, but also know the legal regulations in your area. Contact us today for expert assistance with your fencing project.

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