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Do I need a fence for my commercial business?

The reasons for installing a professional fence system at commercial properties are very similar to the reasons for building a fence at one’s home. When you move into a new home, one of the first structures that you will consider is the addition of perimeter fencing for your yard or landscape.

It is simple. A high quality, sturdy fence will be highly effective in keeping pets and kids inside your yard safe and other animals and intruders out. It will improve the appearances of your home and it will enhance privacy and aesthetic in the yard. The same benefits, security, improved appearance and privacy are equally applicable to a commercial enterprise.


The primary benefit of chain link fence - strong, yet see-through - makes it the most effective for security purposes. For the same reason, a wrought iron ornamental fence is also a great option. However, while wrought iron is much more attractive than chain link, it also is much more expensive. While a visual barrier is desirable when erecting privacy walls, it is counterproductive for security fences by offering intruders an easy place to hide.


Depending on the type of business you own, privacy might be an issue. A business owner located in a residential community may seek the privacy and appearance of a privacy board on wood fence, vinyl or concrete fence. It can also be true if you own an apartment building or high rise. Shopping areas that are adjacent to residential properties often will use these. This can be the case with business owners, like lawyers or accountants who would like to ensure the privacy for their clients.


While privacy and security are the top reasons why many businesses will choose to have a fence installed, curb appeal is another benefit. There are many attractive commercial fence options that will accentuate your property and keep your business safe.

The appearance will allow you to put your best face forward when a potential customer comes by. Wrought Iron Ornamental fencing is often a popular choice for this purpose. Rural businesses might prefer a wood fence to fit better with the style of the property.

Concrete fencing is the ultimate choice for commercial fencing. It requires virtually zero maintenance, can be used to complement a number of styles and has superb longevity. Concrete is considered the best material for keeping out unwanted noise - by more than 80% compared to wood or steel. Businesses located next to highways, schools or any high traffic areas would greatly benefit from a concrete fence. As well, if your business generates a lot of noise pollution, a concrete fence would be appreciated by neighbours.

There are many sound reasons to add fencing to your commercial property - additional security, improved privacy and enhanced appearances of your perimeter area are a few.

It is important to note that the quality of fence installation is crucial to these benefits. Always make sure that you are using a licenced and experienced contractor - like Titan Fence Co - when considering the addition of a fence system to your commercial enterprise.

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