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Can you Install a Fence in the Fall & Winter?

Fall is officially here, and summer projects are coming to an end. In BC we are not strangers to a wet, cold, and freezing fall and winter season. The temperatures and conditions are generally a lot less “ideal”. So, the main questions we get are, can I have a new fence installed in the fall and winter? How will it affect the installation?

Most people are surprised when they are told that it typically has a small (if any) affect at all! While there are several factors to consider when installing a fence even in the best of weather, our experienced team at Titan Fence Co. can help guide you through the process and make it a stress free and ideal time to build your new fence.

The benefits of installing in the fall and winter

-When springtime comes around, everyone starts to scramble to get their new fence installed. That means you might end up waiting a while to get your fence installed. By installing a fence in the fall or winter, you can beat the spring rush.

-Installing in the fall is landscape friendly. Landscapes are a huge concern while installing a residential fence. Installing during the fall or winter preserves your garden and yard landscape, as everything starts to die or go dormant. This allows for our team to install fences near and around your plants without damaging them.

-There is less worry for any lawn damage, as the grass, trees and shrubs start to go dormant and is not as important for lawn maintenance as it is in the spring and are less likely to be damage during construction.

Give Titan Fence Co., a call today to speak to one of our team members 250-808-6991.

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