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Benefits Of Privacy Slats For Chain Link Fences

Many of our clients' main goal when installing a fence is to create a backyard oasis; a place where they can enjoy hosting their friends and family, as well as having a safe space where their children and pets can play. While chain link fences do provide a divide, many clients are left wishing that the fence offered some more privacy. Since fence replacements can be quite costly, chain link is a great alternative and with our variety of privacy slats, you can get the same amount of privacy without breaking the bank!

What Is A Privacy Slat?

A privacy slat is an optional add-on that can enhance the look of your chain link fence, while at the same time providing privacy. Privacy slats can easily slide into your existing chain link fence and can provide up to 70%-90% more privacy. They are a great addition to consider if your house is near a busy street, a walking path, or even just close to your neighbors, as they can make your yard feel more cozy.

Privacy Slats For Shelter

Adding privacy slats to your chain link fence can also provide shelter. Since they provide 70%-90% coverage, they can help to protect your yard and garden from all the natural elements; especially if you live in a particularly windy area. They are also an excellent addition to protect small or delicate plants from harsh weather or excess sunshine.

Types Of Privacy Slats

Here at Titan Fence Co., we offer three different styles of privacy slats. Each slat comes in a variety of colours and different levels of privacy.

Lite Link Privacy Slats - This style is our most popular and cost-effective option. They are bottom locking for easy installation and provide 70% coverage.

Bottom Lock Privacy Slats - This style is similar to the Lite Link privacy slats as they also provide 70% coverage. The difference is this particular style secures to the bottom rail and “snaps” into place.

Winged Privacy Slat - This style is our most expensive option as it provides 90% coverage and is the most difficult to install. These slats need to be pulled down through the chain link as they fit more tightly. A negative with this style is that they can be damaged by strong winds; it is recommended to choose one of the other two styles if you live in a particularly windy area

If you are looking to upgrade your chain link fence with privacy slats, reach out to us today to see some samples and get a free estimate!

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